AdFlex Advertiser - Dành cho nhà quảng cáo

We help you to get

    impressions every day
  • 65.000.000
    users in SEA
  • 35-65%
    Conversion Rate for CPO
  • We can do. Why?
    AdFlex has a large network of 32.000 biggest publishers in VN & SEA
    We built a data system of 65 milion mobile users in 3 years.
    Our team monitor and optimize advertising performance on every single publisher.

We provide

Cost per Action
(Cost per Order, Cost per Installs, Mobile Subscription, ...)
Install from Google Play/App Store
New register user
Incentive install
We commit quality based on ad indicators such as conversion rate, retention rate or new register user

Ad Formats

  • Notification
    Ads will be introduced to users by notification on screen of devices automatically from AdFlex server.
  • Affiliate
    This is the most popular and effective business model. Publishers bring ad campaign directly to end users.
  • Banner
    Banner includes pop-up banner, full-screen banner or interstitials ad, which can be displayed when users experience application or click icon on screen.
  • App Store -
    We possess an affiliate app store,, and users totally can install or download any application and game here
We are CPA Ad Network. You define order!
We build solution!
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